With a natural language we design the virtual assistant that speaks like your brand. Serves on Web platforms, Apps, Facebook & Whatsapp 24 hours a day.

About 400 million a day are exchanged between people and companies.

We have the Facebook Developer certification to access the advanced functions of Messenger for Companies:

  • Immediate capture of people who interact with you on messenger.
  • Create databases and connect to your CRM.
  • Installation of a Chatbot to give reports and sales 24/7
  • Gallery of images of your products and sales without leaving messenger.
  • Install messenger on your website.
  • QR code and url of your Messenger Chatbot.
  • Remarketing: automated delivery 24 hours after the first interaction with a user.
  • Ability to connect Messenger to Google Sheets to export responses (replace forms).
  • Interaction statistics, opening of messages, satisfaction and response times.

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